As parents of young Austinites, we felt that our city deserved its very own children’s book that celebrates the things that make Austin such a great place to raise and be a kid. We wanted to create a book that would capture the sights, sounds and experiences of Austin through a child’s eyes. We also wanted this book to be local in every way. Written, illustrated and printed. Whether you are lucky enough to grow up here or visiting our special capital city, we hope this book will hold precious memories of Austin.

Allison Amador is a freelance art, music and fitness writer and the devoted mother of two young daughters, Eavan and Elena. Although born and raised in New Orleans, her ancestors came to Texas long before her in a covered wagon. Austin, a city bound by eccentricities and a strong community pride, truly captured her heart and has been home for nearly 20 years. After graduating from the University of Texas in Liberal and Fine Arts, Allison began her career in Washington, D.C., only to return to the city she fell in love with as a college student, missing those “only in Austin” moments. She and her husband Roger now raise their two daughters as proud young locals who delight in Austin’s unique
culture and traditions.

Tammy Stanley is the owner & creative director of Moonfish Studio in Austin, Texas.  After graduating from the Art Institute of Dallas in 1991, she worked as an Art Director in various studio settings before starting her own studio in 1997. Focusing mainly on graphic design for print and digital media, she was asked to be a part of the Goodnight Austin project by her close friend, Allison Amador.  Tammy is an entrepreneur, artist and mom to Ella Mia, whose love inspires her in all areas of her life, including her art. Illustrating Goodnight Austin has been a labor of love, honoring Austin, an amazing city that brings so much joy to her and her family. Enjoy our little book and share a copy with your friends.